Forest on a Bicycle

Experience the local way of utilizing nature’s treasures while enjoying freedom on two wheels and without noticing getting in better shape simultaneously.

Central Park and Finnish nature

The Central Park of Helsinki is over 700 hectares wide and spreads from southern parts of the city all the way to the north. It serves as a calming, relaxing as well as energizing space to escape from the hustle of the city. Finns have always utilized nature in the most clever ways, and today in Helsinki the same continues for example in Keskuspuisto – Central Park.

Spending time in nature has the power to lower blood pressure and heart rate, reduce stress and overall calm and clear the mind. Combined with cycling, one’s fitness can be improved at the same time while enjoying the nature’s wonders around. Finns sometimes take the fresh air for granted, while it is actually a great asset of both the cities and the countryside.

The Helsinki lifestyle is balanced between a city filled with beautiful architecture and parks, Baltic sea and other natural sites around. Whether you are stressed and want to unwind, keen on biking, seen everything in the Helsinki city centre or just want to hear about Finland’s nature and experience the local way of making the most of it, our Forest on a Bicycle tour will surely deliver.

Forest on a Bicycle tour

The tour is available on two routes – one less than 10 km taking around 2 hours and second 20 km route taking 4 hours to complete.

A snack and coffee break in the woods is included as well as all gear. If you have your own bike, bring it with you to get a discount! Tour starts at 10 AM from Savilankatu 1 B, Helsinki – next to the Sonera football stadium.

Meet your guide with a green cap outside the bike shop called Stadion pyörä.

The bookings for the tour can be done either by email – or on our main website booking system. More information by calling 046 938 4905.

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