Helsinki Forest Walk

Get to see how locals appreciate, enjoy and utilize the nature. Experience a different Helsinki!

The Healing Nature

It is not breaking news – the nature has a power to heal, calm and energize. In Finland, it has always been an important part of our culture to be able to freely roam the forests, parks, and sea- or lakesides nearby. In this country of thousand lakes and green gold, our forests, nature is widely utilized whether it is for nutrition, beauty, and well-being, production or just simply enjoying yourself.

While the life in Helsinki city centre can be hectic and stressful, we have our ways to unwind and now you have an opportunity to get a glimpse of that, too! Leave your worries behind and come experience what the best recreational nature areas of Helsinki have to offer, without leaving too far, just a bit east of the centre.

Helsinki Forest Walk

On our Forest Walk in Helsinki, you will get to see and experience the local way of utilizing the nature, relax in the woods, pick wild seasonal goods as well as hear stories about the flora and fauna of Finland. The most pristine nature reserves of Helsinki are waiting for you.

This half-day (3 hrs) tour introduces you to a different part of Helsinki, not to be forgotten though. Helsinkians love their nature getaways, and there’s endless possibilities to do just that. The tour starts at Herttoniemi metro station, from where you will walk towards Kivinokka area.

During the tour, you will see idyllic small garden huts and summer cottages within nature. There’s an opportunity to stop for a refreshing drink or energizing coffee, and a possibility to swim – for that you need to bring your own swimwear. The tour ends back at the Herttoniemi metro station.

Remember to dress according to weather and wear comfortable walking shoes. If you fancy a swim, bring your own swimwear.

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